2 enero, 2014

International Recognition of AHT’s “Hoteles más Verdes” Ecolabel Protocol

<p><strong>Asociación de Hoteles de Turismo de la República Argentina (AHT)</strong> is pleased to report that it has received the international recognition of its “Hoteles más Verdes” Sustainable Tourism Ecolabelling Standard (Protocol) from the <strong style="color: #5bba47;">Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)</strong>.</p> <p>To attain this achievement and obtain the <strong>“GSTC-Recognized”</strong> status, the “Hoteles más Verdes” ecolabelling protocol was subject to a thorough and strict review and evaluation process by experts of the GSTC Accreditation Board, after which it was evidenced that AHT’s standard is aligned and complies with the global sustainable tourism criteria at their different levels, approved by the GSTC, with the consent granted by the international tourist community and which served as a guide for the protocol development.</p> <p>The <strong style="color: #5bba47;">“Hoteles más Verdes”</strong> Protocol was developed by AHT with the advice provided by the consulting firm FORMAGRUPO, IRAM’s validation and the promotion of the Argentine Ministry of Tourism. It became effective in May 2013 and has over 60 member hotels and 2 certified hotels.</p> <p>The Global Sustainable Tourism Council is the international organization created with the support of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) to <strong>foster the dissemination of more knowledge of sustainable tourist practices and their adoption by hotels, tour operators and tourist destinations</strong>. The main duties of the GSTC are the development of international sustainable tourism standards, and the recognition and accreditation of sustainable tourism certification programs, such as the current case of the “Hoteles más Verdes” ecolabelling program.</p> <p>With this recognition, <strong style="color: #5bba47;">the “Hoteles más Verdes” ecolabel is placed at the level of the most prestigious sustainable tourism certification programs of the world</strong> and both the program and all those Argentine hotels that achieve the certification in one of its levels will be part of GSTC’s Board and will receive a preferential treatment from the most important organizations and international tour operators of tourist distribution, promotion and marketing.</p>
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